Stephanie Gates, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry


B.S., Millikin University

PhD, University of Michigan

Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley

Xin "Alice" Liu, PhD

Research Scientist

liuxin {at} missouri {dot} edu

Lois Bansah

Graduate Student

loisbansah {at} missouri {dot} edu

Yu Shao Hsieh

Graduate Student

yhq2t {at} missouri {dot} edu

Jaylyn Singleton

MU PREP Scholar

jmsng7 {at} missouri {dot} edu

Kate Bailey

Undergraduate Researcher

kmbyqb {at} missouri {dot} edu

Preston Stephen

Undergraduate Researcher

pdshmc {at} missouri {dot} edu

Claire Bartley

Undergraduate Researcher

cmbhrw {at} missouri {dot} edu

Erin Schweitzer

Undergraduate Researcher

easc8q {at} missouri {dot} edu

This could be you!

We are looking for graduate/undergraduate student researchers and postdoctoral fellows! 

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Our group functions jointly with Dr. Adam Yokom Lab, collectively called the Gatkom lab!  

Currently, his work focuses on understanding membrane fusion events during autophagy. We share equipment, lab meetings and resources. Joining our group means you get the best of both worlds and are supported across disciplines, techniques and biology (+ budgets).